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Join us at the table as one overzealous Yank steers three sardonic Brits through a bespoke Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign!

Get ready for raw, unfiltered audio, seasoned with just a dash of commentary from (the often incredulous) Kevin the DM. Dungeons will be delved! Off-colour jokes will be told! Sound like your thing? Then tune in for fun, frolics and felony each Friday!

By the way, if the BBFC gave half a crap about podcasts, they would probably rate this one 15 for “language and crude humour”. You have been warned!

Tis the season, cometh the time
Of drunkenness and crappy rhyme
Of voices raised in joyous song,
Of frost-bitten fingers and dwindling schlong.

We’re glad you’re here, we’ve a tale, you see,
Of the Infamous Five and a vanishing tree,
A centaur who suffers a poisonous prick,
And children who need yuletide saving. And quick!

So gather around and snuggle up warm,
And listen awhile as we perform
A tale that you will scarce believe
Of something that happened one Longwinter’s Eve...

holiday special: part(ridge) 1
five milk a reindeer

Now that you’re stuffed full of Longwinter cheer,
It’s time to return to our snowy frontier
Where the Infamous Five journeyed home to a mess,
Finding poor Centaur Nick suff’ring poison distress.

They followed the trail to find Bailey’s elixir -
That patented Reindeer-milk Centaur Nick fixer -
Then sent it to town with that stalker-cum-writer
‘Cause she was a dork and not much of a fighter

So now that the Five have found old Nick’s attackers,
(Foul Longwinter festival fir tree hijackers)
We’ll roll us some dice and spill blood on the snow
To decide who will get the last laugh. HO, HO, HO.

holiday special: part(ying) 2
five murder everyone

What do you know? Our dodgy deputies are all grown up and recruiting people! With the region growing more prosperous and the long arms of the law snaking out like truncheony tentacles, perhaps people will start to behave themselves. Then again, not bloody likely.

session #0
a hire purpose

Something unnerving is afoot as a mysterious vessel surrounded by strangely behaving fog drifts into the Sea of Endrallion. Speaking of strange behaviour, Tan floats a fisherman, Peg walks on water, and Jeff gets plastered after his mum explodes. All in a day’s work.

session #1
the devil and the deep blue sea

Our traumatised team head up to Almtirric Castle to inform the local garrison about the spooky ship full of Myrnic weapons. There they meet a very rude liaison and find out why everyone who could’ve helped them has buggered off to the mountains.

session #2
swamp and circumstance

After surviving the attack of the bog monster, our party finally catches up with Tazira, the Crab-riding Swamp Witch. She tells them that, despite her best efforts, the ‘darkness’ is spreading and she doesn't know why. Our sleuths might have an inkling, though.

session #3
mourning sickness

Peg ‘Moses was a hack’ Faerstone parts the waves to reveal an ugly truth... and a shockingly indifferent perpetrator. Incensed, our party decide to take some long-overdue action, and prepare to wield some Hammers to crush a particularly tough nut.

session #4
the skeleton coast

Following an impromptu speedboat ride, our team fans out to round up the deputies for a daring assault on the barricade. Tan ensures there are great balls of fire but, as it turns out, all they need is one bellowing barrage of bull’s-hit.

session #5
the cow jumped over the goon

Liandra goes out with a series of bangs, not only sending the Deepwater into meltdown but also sending the team on a macabre scavenger hunt through the streets of Caulder’s End. Get ready for booby traps, exploding Hammers, and one visually-challenged mule.

session #6
the lady doth OPPRESS too much


session #7
glory hole